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About us

Ameen Housing Co-Operative of California, Inc. (AHC) is a member-owned co-operative financial institution.

AHC was established in 1996 in Palo Alto, California, modeled after the highly successful Toronto Housing Co-operative.

AHC's guiding principles are:

- Strong prohibition of riba in Islam; declaration of war by Allah & His messenger (sas) on those who engage in riba
- "O you who believe! Eat not usury doubled and multipled, but fear Allah that you may be successful" - Surah Al-Imran (Chapter 3, Verse 130)
- " . . . But, Allah has permitted trade, and forbidden usury . . . " - Surah Al-Baqarah (Chapter 2, Verse 275)

Services offered by AHC:


- Secure & stable investment opportunity
- Community funds utilized for community benefit

Home Financing

- Islamic alternative to the prevailing mortgage system
- Buy/refinance homes in an Islamically permissible manner

Main Office

San Tomas Business Center Building # 1
2060 Walsh Ave, Suite 101
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Tel: (408) 986-9786
Fax: (408) 986-9787

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