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Benefits To Home Buyers


  • Instead of keeping your savings in the bank you can buy AHC shares while you wait for your turn to occupy your home.
  • Your purchasing of shares of AHC will work as an investment and you are entitled to a dividend until you occupy your home.
  • You choose the location of your house or condo but you must have shares equivalent to at least 20% of the first $100,000 of the price of the home and 40% of the difference between $100,00 and the actual price. The minimum required shares must be with AHC.
  • You pay fair and mutually agreed occupancy charges (rent) to AHC in proportion to you and AHC's ownership in the house.
  • Monthly occupancy charges will be reduced from the following quarter in the proportion of additional shares you buy at any time during the year.
  • As a result of sale/transfer of the housing unit, any gain or loss realized will be divided as follows:
    • Class F: If, at the time of purchase of the property, the member has more than 50% shares- 20% to the Co-Op and 80% to the member.
    • Class G: If the member has 50% or less shares- 30% to the Co-Op and 70% to the member.
  • To complete the ownership of the occupied housing unit, the member will have to accumulate shares equivalent to the cost of the housing unit PLUS one (1) Class ‘G' Preferred Share.
  • Cost of the above Class ‘G' Preferred Share will be determined by the Board as 10% of the difference between the present fair market value of the said housing unit MINUS the actual cost, the cost of authorized major improvements and expansions, and certain legal expenses.


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